A Town between Mountains, Hills and Greenery

Andapa is one of the districts that make up the SAVA region (Sambava, Antalaha, Vohémar, Andapa), in the north of Madagascar. It is a city with a discreet charm and incredible riches born from discovery and contemplation.
Surrounded by hills and mountains, Andapa is a green enclave in this red land of Madagascar. Its wooden and brick houses form a tangle of dwellings in the heart of rice fields and lend an atypical charm to the city. Andapa is calm and pleasant to live in. It is a serene but lively city. Known as one of Madagascar's rice granaries, Andapa alone has 13,000 ha of rice fields, its population's main resource. A very cosmopolitan community of Malagasy and foreigners live together in harmony here. According to history, the population of Andapa used to be of Tsimihety origin.
People, attracted by the microclimate and extraordinary fertility of this richly silty basin, moved to settle there. Another large part of the land is dedicated to farming and another part to herding.
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Useful Information

When to go

Andapa inherited the sub-equatorial climate of SAVA. The best seasons to be there are between August and December and March to mid-May. At these periods, the rainfall gives way to sunshine.

How to get there

Sambava, the mother city of the SAVA region, is accessible by plane. Afterwards, the Sambava - Andapa mountain road (120km) is narrow but good. For the more experienced, the Tana - Sambava journey can be done by car, but on average it is a 48 hour drive, including a very exhausting part, before arriving at the destination.

Where to stay

For quality accommodation in the town of Andapa, we propose the Hotel Vatosoa, the Hotel Riziky or the Hotel Beanana. On the way to Sambava, you will also find the Hotel Carrefour at a beautiful location and in an idyllic setting.

Where to eat

Hotel Carrefour also offers a fine restaurant. Located on Andapa's main street, Maroantsetra is a must-visit cosmopolitan address (Asian, European or Malagasy cuisine).

What to see

On the Andapa road, enjoy breathtaking views as you pass over the long metal bridges across the Lokoho River (you can view the canyons and peaks of Marojejy in a spectacular way). Afterwards, the visit to Marojejy National Park and the Betaolana corridor is a must. Also explore, some 40km away, the Anjanaharibe Special Reserve where a very rare 120 million year old flower was rediscovered in 1994. This is also an opportunity to see Madagascar's largest lemur, the Indri.