Browse Toamasina city or Tamatave

Capital of the Antsinanana region, the name of the town Toamasina comes from the word "toa" and "masina" meaning "salty". The city is home to the largest port on the island, making it also the economic capital of Madagascar.
Enjoy the wide avenues lined with magnificent old flamboyant palm trees, stroll along the boulevard along the white sandy beach from which you can see the deserted island named Plum Island ... You are in Tamatave!
Two museums are present in the city: the port museum, and the university museum. In Toamasina, the means of transport are numerous; to get acquainted with the city and enjoy its beauty at great length, walk or take one of the many tricycles or Bajaj (tuk-tuk).


Near the town hall, you will see the largest port of Madagascar, which is one of the remnants of the colonial era. In the vicinity of the city, many destinations can be planned: the seaside resort of Foulpointe, north of Tamatave, renowned for its lagoon and seafood, the zoological park of Ivoloina, located 11 kilometres north of the city , but also the Pangalanes Canal, a succession of lagoons, lakes, rivers and waterways connected by canals.

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Useful Information

When to go

Toamasina has an equatorial climate and a city with significant rainfall. Over the year, the average temperature in Toamasina is 24.1 ° C. So to go to Toamasina it is best to go between the months of August to November.

How to get there

Apart from regular Madagascar air flights, taxis have special offers that can take you to Toamasina.

Where to stay

In Tamatave, you can choose between several hotels, the Hotel H1, the Sharon hotel, or the Hotel Calypso Hotel & SPA.

Where to eat

Lunch at the Darafify, at the Hotel Restaurant Labourdonnais, Le Dzama Cocktail Café Tamatave, The Mango Station, The Banana Pepper. Or to satisfy your gourmet desires, go to La Véranda Tamatave restaurant.

What to see

Go to the town of Foulpointe located 60 kilometres from Tamatave to benefit from a sea protected by a coral reef. The destination is also famous because of its fort. Tamatave is a city with a luxuriant vegetation. It is very pleasant to go: during your stay in this city, you will be able to walk in the street of Independence where many palm trees are planted. Change of scenery on the Place Bien-Aimée where the place is adorned with many banyan trees, large rubber trees with long aerial roots.