Sakalava Bay - Water Sports Paradise

Sakalava is an ethical group from north-west Madagascar. Together with two other bays, Sakalava Bay forms what is known as Les Trois Baies or The Three Bays. If Pigeon Bay, which once housed a large colony of birds including pigeons, quails and turtle-doves, is a perfect place to relax; Dune Bay is a place to observe turtles in season. As for Sakalava Bay, it is simply a very beautiful water sports spot.
Windsurfing or kitesurfing at will in this bay in the constant winds in the north of the Big Island, where at the bottom is a huge, rather wild beach. At low tide, it is perfect to learn to kite surf and at high tide, kite foiling can be practised. Local operators offer all these activities to visitors. Closed by a coral reef, Sakalava Bay is also an ideal site for an introduction to surfing thanks to the medium waves of the Indian Ocean that strike it and its rather shallow sandy bottom. The long bay of sandy beach is also great for other activities such as jogging or beach volleyball.




Located 20km from Diego-Suarez, Sakalava Bay is a starting point for the other two bays, the neighbouring islands and the Emerald Sea. On the way, enjoy beautiful landscapes, stunning beaches, deserted areas lined with palm trees and baobabs. You can start the adventure in Ramena via Orangea and end at Sakalava Bay, this hike is proposed by the operators as well. The hike in both directions lasts 1h30. But the departure to the Emerald Sea is exclusively from Ramena beach.
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Useful Information

When to go

The average temperature is 25°C to 30°C. The kitesurfing season is between April and November, the ideal time for a stay in Diego.

How to get there

Travel to Diego-Suarez by Air Madagascar/ Tsaradia flight or by land (1200km from the capital). Then, pass through the village of Ramena and follow the coastal road. The next fork leads to the Three Bays.

Where to stay

Hotels welcome tourists on Sakalava Bay; you can book at Kite Paradise Madagascar, Mantasaly Ecolodge or Royal Sakalava. In Diego, Hotel Allamanda and Le Grand Hôtel are the most recommended.

Where to eat

You can eat in the restaurant of your hotel both on Sakalava Bay and in Diego. Another option is to try the tables of the restaurants located in Ramena.

What to see

Diego-Suarez, Madagascar's second largest commercial port and the capital of the north, contains treasures to discover: the Windsor Castle monolith, the mysterious Nosy Lojo or Sugar Loaf or the French Mountain Reserve (Nosy Ravo). Nature lovers can visit the Ankarana Reserve or Tsingy Rouge Park. In July, turtle egg-laying in Baie des Dunes can be observed from a distance. In the same region, a visit to Maromokotro, Madagascar's highest peak, is a must.