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Located in the south-east of Madagascar, this park is rich in waterways because there are 25 of them with three other rivers. It is surrounded by mountainous massifs. Inaugurated in 1991, it has been part of the Eastern Rainforest World Heritage Site since 2017.
The immense rainforest that surrounds it increases its charm. Botanical tours or sports tours, it's up to you to choose according to your wishes. A one-day or half-day visit allows you to discover the rich and exceptional ecosystem of this site, but an exploration of several days would be even better. There are 62 reptile species, 90 butterfly species, 115 bird species, 98 amphibian species, 350 spider species and many other species with high endemicity rates. As for flora, it is as varied as fauna; some species are even unique in the world and only grow in this park.
During the various tours offered, visitors will discover varieties of orchids, epiphytes, carnivorous plants and medicinal plants. Rare plants such as ferns and bamboo as well as tropical woods such as Rosewood, Maka and Varongy are also visible.
The other attraction of the site is obviously its thermal springs, the meaning of Ranomafana being "hot water". Areas are provided for swimming,, an activity very popular with visitors after long hours of walking. Next to the exit of the cascade circuit, a swimming pool is created straight from the source.
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Useful Information

When to go

The Vatovavy Fitovinany Region is characterized by a humid tropical climate with an average temperature ranging from 14°C to 20°C. Ranomafana National Park welcomes visitors from 8am to 4pm all year round. The entrance is 6km from the village.

How to get there

This site is located 400km south of the capital, 67km north of Fianarantsoa. The easiest access from the RN7 is to take the RN45 at Alakamisy Ambohimaha. Ranomafana National Park is 30km away.

Where to stay

Camping areas have been set up on the various circuits and a cottage is available at the entrance to the park. You can also book your rooms in one of the following establishments: Karibotel, Setam Lodge, Southern Forest, Centrest, Cristal Hotel.

Where to eat

Most of the above-mentioned hotels have restaurants and offer a variety of menus. Typical Malagasy dishes are also served in the gargotes of Ambodiamontana.

What to see

Expect to encounter rare, endangered species in the park. More sporty types should choose an appropriate sports tour. Also take a detour to the Kelilalina Botanical Garden, a tourist attraction located 13km from Ranomafana to see the region's migratory birds.