Morombe, a breathtaking land and sea beauty

Along the Mozambique Channel, between Tulear and Morondava, Morombe is discreet. Life is calm and peaceful and is with the rhythm of the tides. Morombe is 1230 kilometres southwest of Antananarivo.
To discover this city is to go from one surprise to another. Its turquoise lagoons, defined by one of the largest coral reefs in the world, give way to a mangrove of intense green, a number of mangrove trees. Morombe is rich in plant species including varieties of baobabs that are found nowhere else. The most amazing are the "twin" baobabs and a spectacular tree considered the oldest baobab in Madagascar.
Composed mainly of two ethnic groups, Vezo and Masikoro, the majority of the inhabitants developed a semi-nomadic fishing activity. At the port, a daily show of dhows (a kind of sailboat) and sailing schooners animates the city. The fishermen, having travelled through the villages of Ampasilava, Andranopasy, Ambatomilo, the "Bay of Assassins" and Andavadaoka, bring back their important cargo to Morombe, their logistic base.
A shipyard has also been set up in the port and fishing canoes, dhows and sailing schooners are being manufactured there. Lovers of the sea will enjoy water activities such as boat trips, diving and spearfishing, windsurfing, snorkelling, big game fishing and sea kayaking.
This article was featured in Prime Magazine March 2018

Useful Information

When to go

With its sub-climate and warm climate, Morombe has a long dry season from March to November. The average temperature is 24 ° C. The only months when it is cool, are the months of June, and July.

How to get there

Morombe is accessible by plane from the capital via Air Madagascar. By road, it will take about 10 hours. Possibility of joining Morondava to Morombe by sailing canoes or dhow. It is recommended to leave with an experienced guide.

Where to stay

The Baobab Hotel, consisting of 16 bungalows, combines breathtaking views of the sea with the comfort of the hotel. As a family, the guest house "Chez Katia" is recommended or for a more atypical side, the hotel La Pirogue d'Or is almost like your feet can touch the water.

Where to eat

All hotels offer a catering menu. At the Baobab Hotel, the products are fresh and local.

What to see

Opportunity to push another 50 kilometres to Andavadoaka to cool off in a beautiful cove. Or go to Salary to discover beautiful white sand dunes and turquoise waters. From there, we can see other islets but not allowed to visit because they are considered sacred by the local population. Finally, to note, Lake Ihotry which has the particularity of being a salt lake. Ornithology enthusiasts will feast on the idea of ​​crossing a baobab forest for their observations. The road that leads to this small natural paradise alternates grasslands and shrub savannas.