Go through Marotony during a cruise in Nosy Be

Marotony ("many personal sacred trees" in Sakalava) is a charming fishing village on the coast of Ambanja. A popular stop on the tourist routes to discover the Archipelago of Radama, starting from Nosy Bé. A stopover on this authentic place will not disappoint you.
Leaving Nosy Be early, you will arrive in Marotony in the middle of the morning. This village offers a hiking trail that will make you happy. Your path follows the coastline. You will walk on a huge beach bathed in turquoise blue water. Feel free to get your feet wet; a coral reef barrier prevents predators from approaching the seaside. After several incursions into the forest of primary vegetation of Besangaomby, you will arrive at a point of view offering a majestic view on the mouth of the Baramahamay.
At the end of your visit to Marotony, continue your journey to discover the riches of Nosy Be. Know that you are in the territory of whale sharks. Put on your fins, mask and snorkel and throw yourself in the water to live a magical moment rich in sensation. You will also have the chance to cross humpback whales. They are used to dragging in the warm waters of northern Madagascar.
There are plenty of activities during your Nosy Be cruise. Experience a unique experience aboard a traditional Sakalava canoe. It is from island to island, starting from Nosy Be that you are traveling in the north of the country.
This article was featured in Prime Magazine August 2017

Useful Information

When to go

The region of Nosy Be has an equatorial climate. The rainfall remains fairly stable and the temperature changes between 24°C and 32°C. For a visit to Marotony, plan your trip to Nosy Be between April and November.

How to get there

The best way to go to Marotony is to take a boat from Nosy Be. You will reach your destination after an hour and a half.

Where to stay

In Marotony, you will sleep at the inhabitant. When you return to Nosy Be, you will have a wide choice of hotels. Home Madagascar The Residence offers luxury rooms meeting a high standard of quality. Vanila Hotel & SPA, Nosy Be Hotel & Spa, Ravintsara Wellness Hotel are also references on the island. Villa Tsirambesy is also popular.

Where to eat

At your visit, you can ask the locals to cook typical dishes for you. But do not forget to pack bottles of water and some sandwiches to keep you hungry during your cruise.

What to see

Nosy Iranja is the logical continuation of your getaway. Afterwards, there are the other islands that make the reputation of the archipelago. Nosy Antsoha, Le Rocher d’Ankivonjy, Nosy Ankazomberavina.