The Marojejy National Park: a Wonder of Nature

Its wild and rugged character as well as its exceptional biodiversity, make Marojejy National Park a paradise for mountain lovers and an exceptional landmark for the most exigent naturalists. Described as "a wonder of nature", this UNESCO World Heritage site is found in the northeast of Madagascar.
With an area of more than 65,000 hectares, it contains the fourth highest summit in Madagascar, peaking at more than 2,132m above sea level. To reach there, it is necessary to cross wild nature and forests in the clouds, which are entirely cut off from the world. The climb may appear rough, but once at the peak, the sight is worth the effort. From there, thousands of square kilometres can be viewed in clear weather, all the way to the Indian Ocean, with the feeling of being the master of the world.
Furthermore, Marojejy National Park offers four hiking tours through the heart of original rain forests. During your walk, you may come face to face with a lemur, the famous "Simpona" Silky Propithecus, endemic to the region, recognizable by its extremely white fur. Plus there are many reptile and amphibian species, living in harmony with ferns, palm trees and several types of orchids. Adventurers who are in love with nature, lose yourself in the heart of this unsurpassed natural wonder, where exceptional fauna an flora live intact right before your eyes. The Marojejy National Park, is all thMis and much more. It's really worth the trip!
This article was featured in Prime Magazine October 2018

Useful Information

When to go

The climate is humid tropical with heavier rainfall at higher altitudes. The best time to visit this park is between April and May, and from September to December.

How to get there

The connection between Antananarivo and Sambava is operated by Air Madagascar- Tsaradia. Then the park is accessible by car. Adventurers can opt for the overland route, a three-day trip via the RN4, RN6 and RN5A.

Where to stay

Nestled in the middle of the forest, there are bungalows that welcome you with authentic decor. You can also book at establishments in the cities nearby. In Andapa, stay at the Beanana Hotel, the Vatosoa Hotel or the Riziky Hotel. Hotel Carrefour, Hotel Las Palmas, Chez Zoé, Hotel Florencia and Hotel Miami are good addresses in Sambava.

Where to eat

To fully enjoy this wonderful nature, bring your picnic basket. If you choose to eat in town, the restaurants of the Sambava and Andapa hotels offer gastronomic dishes.

What to see

In Sambava, it is possible to do watersports or climb the Vinany hill. Also consider a detour to Macolline, a botanical site located 3km north of Antalaha and see the "Clerodendrum Kamhyoae Lamariée", a new species discovered here.