Treat yourself to sculptures in Marofandilia

If the Morondava region is known for its alley of baobabs, lakes and resorts, this area is in the heart of the Sakalavady Nastie is also characterized by art sculptures. See you in the village of sculptors: Marofandilia.
20 km from the driveway of baobabs is the village of Marofandilia, a village where the main source of resident’s incomes are based on the realization of sculptures they sell to tourists. The sculptors of the village shapes aloalo, baobabs and elegant waders... The Sakalava art is very known to Madagascar through aloalo, these large wooden carved totems placed on tombs which represent the life of the deceased.
Villagers were accompanied and trained by the NGO Fanamby, an NGO working for the protection of nature, to develop the work of the wood. The craftsmen use the fallen wood or dead wood. With the profits generated by the handicraft, social activities are carried out for the whole village. Buying a souvenir is thus contributing to the socio- economic development of Marofandilia.

In the heart of the forest of Marofandilia, 44km from Morondava, lies the Camp Lovers where you can stay during your vacation. A big love baobab is located on the camp which is also a starting point of the two circuits, to the discovery of the baobabs, lemurs and many bird species, Marofabdilia is truly an enchanting destination.

This article was featured in Prime Magazine September 2017

Useful Information

When to go

A stay at Marofandilia can be organized at any time. The wet season runs from November to April and the dry season extends from May to October   ; The best time to stay.

How to get there

To get to the village Maronfandilia, take the RN7 to Antsirabe. From there, take the RN35 towards Morondava.Located about 1 hour from the road to the north of Morondava, cross the famous avenue of baobab trees to get there, by car, by bush taxi or even by motorcycle.

Where to stay

You can stay at Lovers Camp where you will have the opportunity to live the single experience sleeping in bungalow-types "tented-camp   "Erected on platforms made with local materials,    Equipped with mattresses and private sanitaries   ". Otherwise you can find hotels in Morondava like Sun Beach Hotel, Chez Maggie, Renala au Sable d’or…

Where to eat

At Camp Loving or Friendly Camp, meals made with local products are served at the camp cottage restaurant with a clear view of the great   Baobab in love. Packed lunches are also available for the day trips.

What to see

Discovering sculptures can add a nature discovery. The Lovers Camp Marofandilia is an ideal stopover to discover easily all the richness of a protected area of which three quarters are occupied by natural sites. Among them, the famous "alley of baobabs."