Treat yourself to a country-style trip to lac Alaotra

The region of Alaotra Mangoro is famous for its rice fields which extend to as far as the eyes can see. A trip around the famous Lac Alaotra will reveal other riches that have been preserved from the presence of visitors.
To appreciate the real beauty of the landscapes of the central region of Madagascar, there is nothing better than a country-like stay in the small villages of Ambatondrazaka, complemented with a trip around the lac Alaotra – which, between two stages of a journey, will reveal a succession of unique natural treasures and breathtaking views. Indeed, with its wetlands and barren landscapes carved by erosion, the vicinity of this lake offers one of the most impressive sights ever. The warmth and availability of the local people will add up to your happiness.

In the park of Andreba Gara – which is not far from the city of Ambatondrazaka – is found the Bandro, the lemur which symbolizes the region. It also shelters several fascinating bird species. Being another nature sanctuary, the forest station of Ambohitsilaozana has nothing to envy the other nearby parks. Don’t miss the opportunity to see the small islands like Ambaton’Ivohitsoa and Ambatonakatrana, which are located at the very heart of the lake and are real havens of peace and tranquility.

This article was featured in Prime Magazine January 2017

Useful Information

When to go

With two different seasons – a hot and humid season from November to March and a cold and humid season from April to October – the region of Alaotra has a high-altitude tropical climate. To enjoy your stay to the fullest, schedule your trip between May and October.

How to get there

You can take a taxi brousse at the road station of Antohomadinika. The trip takes a day in dry season. The best option is to rent an all-terrain vehicle.

Where to stay

The region offers comfortable accommodation facilities during the holiday period. Recommended places are: the Hôtel Nabotel, Voahirana Hotel, Hôtel Max et Irène, Hôtel Le Paradis du Lac.

Where to eat

If you go on excursion at the Alaotra lake, the best thing to do is to take your picnic basket. If you are downtown, you can eat at the restaurant of your hotel.

What to see

The region of Alaotra Mangoro offers countless sites to quench your thirst for discovery. The Lake of Antsirika, the reservoirs of Sahamaloto and Bevava are recommended destinations for a total escape. If you enjoy ecotourism, take the opportunity to visit the Vakona and Vohimana Reserves, and the national park of Analamazaotra.