Kingdom Of The Baobabs - Kirindy Mité

Situated in Menabe-Sud, a region renowned all over the world for its biodiversity, the National Park of Kirindy-Mité consists of dense dry forest, spiny thickets, dunes stretching as far as the eye can see, wetlands with, notably, two semi-salted sacred lakes, mangroves and, finally, a string of coral reefs and paradise-like islands.
A dream setting, its beauty is further enhanced by the presence of 10 species of lemurs, flocks of pink flamingos, sea turtles and, in particular, its mythical baobabs. To admire these giants growing in the savannah grassland, just follow the Ankoatsifaka circuit. As its name suggests, it is also the very way to spot the Sifaka (or Propithecus) lemur, and diurnal species living in the protected area.
As you walk through the grassland, you will come across more and more of the immense baobabs. Two species of these iconic trees are to be found here, out of the six growing in Madagascar. One of these is the famous Andasonia grandidieri : called ‘Renala’ or mother of nature in Madagascar: not simply a name, since this large, even huge, baobab can reach 25m in height and over 20m in circumference. It has a very specific morphology, with a tall cylindrical trunk capped by a perfectly round flat crown of branches: a truly stunning sight. Gazing up at the sky through the boughs of one of these trees is a truly enchanting experience. In the National Park of Kirindy Mité, Mother Nature has no limits.
This article was featured in Prime Magazine June 2019

Useful Information

When to go

The average temperature in the region of Menabe varies between 25° and 31°C. It is best to visit the National Park of Kirindy Mité during the dry season, that is to say between May and November.

How to get there

Take an Air Madagascar / Tsaradia flight to Morondava, then continue by car: the National Park is situated about 100km away. Another possibility is to drive along the RN7 main road as far as Antsirabe, then along the RN35 to Bemanongo, 8km before reaching Morondava. The park is a two- hour drive from Belo Sur Mer, or one hour by motorboat.

Where to stay

You can book rooms at one of the hotels in Belo Sur Mer, such as the Ecolodge Tsara Belo, the Hôtel Entremer, the Dauphin Vezo, or the Ecolodge du Menabe. If you decide to stay in Morondava, we can recommend the Hôtel Palissandre Côte ouest, the Lagon bleu or the Hôtel Renala.

Where to eat

Take advantage of your stay in this region to taste the delicious seafood served at the restaurants along the west coast. In Belo Sur Mer, you can eat at the restaurant of the Dauphin Vezo Hotel or that of the Hôtel Entremer. In Morondava, try out the Bleu Soleil or the Corail.

What to see

Apart from the park's very rich biodiversity, you can also visit the fishing villages of Ankevo Sur Mer and Antsira, and observe the construction of fishing boats in the shipyard at Ampanatera.