Calm and Serenity in Kimony

Calm and serenity in Kimony

Located in the south western part of the Big Island, Morondava, the capital of the Menabe Region attracts tourists with the hospitality of its inhabitants and the richness of its ecosystem. There are several versions of the origin of the city. One tells that King Sakalava of Kingdom Boeny, while exploring the Menabe area, was advised by his guides to stay on the banks (Morona lava) to dodge wild beasts. Hence the name 'Morondava'.

Another version says that if the rainfall is moderate, two rivers cross the city, hence the name 'Morona lava'; meaning literally 'always wet'.

The geographical advantages of this port city, make the most of tourism, whatever the season. And dscover one of the most beautiful beaches of Madagascar and the Indian Ocean, located near the city.

Calm and serenity in Kimony

Forget the crowded beaches and head for Kimony, the village of tranquility par excellence. Kimony promises a treat lovers of beaches and swimming.

The beach is beautiful. With the sand, the turquoise water and the calm, relaxation is guaranteed.

A photo safari in the lane of the baobabs is essential! The harmonious baobab landscape stretches for miles. 

This article was featured in Prime Magazine April 2018

Useful Information

When to go

The destination lends itself to all seasons. But it is even more beautiful between April and December, outside the rainy season.

How to get there

Seven hundred kilometres separate Morondava from Antananarivo. To get there by car, take the RN7, then the RN 34 at Antsirabe and continue the trip on the RN35 from Malaimbandy. Regular flights are, also, available with Air Madagascar. The track leading to Kimony is accessible by any type of vehicle but opt for quads or bikes to add the thrill of adventure.

Where to stay

The city centre and its surroundings are full of hotels. Stay at Palissandre Côte Ouest, Vezo Hotel or Kimony Resort.

Where to eat

Typical cuisine with a freshness without equal are the fish grills cooked by the fishermen's wives directly on the beach. Good restaurants are Chez Bleu Soleil and Coral at Kimony Resort..

What to see

Discover the Sakalava culture and crafts such as wood carvings, the art of braiding and Masonjoany. At the end of the day, watch the sunset for a magical moment. The Kirindy Reserve or the Analabe Forest are known for their ecosystems. Also visit the Bemaraha National Park, UNESCO heritage since 1990, where there are prehistoric limestone rocks (Tsingy). You will have to go through Belo on Tsiribihina then Bekopaka and cross the Tsiribihina River by ferry.