Embark on an unforgettable getaway to Katsepy

Lush nature in the South and fine sand beach in the North, the Katsepy Peninsula is a destination which is well worth the detour. Boasting a privileged location at the mouth of the Mozambique Channel and Bestiboka, this fishing village is at the heart of all tourist lusts. Katsepy is a town and an urban commune (Kaominina) located in the region of Boeny (province of Majunga), in the northwest of Madagascar. This village was built by immigrants from the Middle East. A vestige marking part of its history exists in the center of the city, a museum co-financed by an ethanol promoter in Katsepy, was launched in 2009.

It is in a beautiful scenery with “satrana” (a king of palm tree) that you will be greeted once down to earth. Here, nothing is rushing, take all your time to enjoy Katsepy in all its splendor! Start your walk at the Eiffel Lighthouse. From the top of its 30m, this imposing architectural work offers an impressive view over the bay of Bombetoka. As you descend, you will land in a mini-forest where the sifaka crowned, the lemurs mongoz and fulvus live in peace. Get off the beaten track to discover Antrema's biocultural reserve. To the 153 species of plants there are 23 species of amphibians and 75 species of birds. A detour by the Ampanjaka Sakalava is the highlight of the day! In the afternoon, go to Cirque Bleu to discover the 18 variations of colors carved by time and erosion in the walls of the hill. Treat yourself to a relaxing session at the foot of the mango trees or a swim in the almost transparent water.

This article was featured in Prime Magazine May 2017

Useful Information

When to go

In Katsepy, it is hot all year round and precipitation is quite low. With warm and temperate climate, temperature oscillates between 24 and 32 ° C. To enjoy a more mild weather, plan your trip in April, May, September and October. Do not forget to bring your sunscreen to prevent sunburn.

How to get there

To connect Antananarivo and the capital of Boeny, take the plane or the taxi-bush to go along the RN4. To reach Katsepy, cross the bay of Bombetoka by ferry or speedboat. The drive takes about 45 minutes.

Where to stay

Chez Madame Chabaud is the only prestigious establishment in Katsepy. However, you can find simple, yet comfortable rooms near the lighthouse. If you feel like it, camp on the beach. To find hotels matching your requirements, join Majunga and stay at the Gourmand Coco Lodge, the Karibu Lodge, the Fishing Residence or the Red Rocks.

Where to eat

It would be ideal to have a picnic basket when you join Katsepy. You can also taste the delicious local dishes served by the local population.

What to see

There are plenty of tourist attractions in the vicinity of Katsepy. 13 km south, discover the Celestial Mines in Sakoany. In order to become one with nature, join the Tsingy of Namoroka and the Bay of Baly, national parks worth a visit. Farther, enjoy birdwatching in the Ampitsopitsoka Reserve in Namakia, southwest of Katsepy.