Joffre Ville, a museum city ... witness of the past

An unavoidable stopping point, Joffre Ville is a city nicknamed "ghost town" as it seems to be frozen in time. Despite the dazzling development of the north of the island, here, time seems to have stopped.
Built on the foothills of Amber Mountain, Joffre Ville is mainly a resort town with old colonial houses full of charm, far from the climate of the port of Diego-Suarez, located 32 km to the north. Ambohitra or Joffreville is a city in the district of Antsiranana II, in the region of Diana and the province of Diego- Suarez. Its French name comes from Joseph Joffre, colonel in charge of the region of Diego-Suarez, who created it in 1903.
Joffre Town is also a garrison town. After the departure of the soldiers, the camp was transformed into an army training centre for the Malagasy army. On the road to Diego Suarez , from Joffre ville, there used to be the Foreign Legion's training centre which was then abandoned , and since 1973 that place was transformed into a training centre for the Guyanese army.
Joffre city is one of the gateways to the Amber Mountain National Park, on which, in colonial times, a forest site (founded in 1937) was established . Today it is one of the protected areas of Madagascar, managed by Madagascar National Parks.
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Useful Information

When to go

Between April and October, the average temperature varies between 25 ° C and 30 ° C. This is the ideal time for a stay in this city.

How to get there

Joffre Ville is about thirty kilometres from Diego, a city served by Air Madagascar. Possibility to go there by bush taxi or rent a car.

Where to stay

We recommend the "Grand Hotel Diego & Spa" on the main street of the city of Diégo. The hotel "Nature Lodge" and the guest rooms "Le relais de la Montagne d’Ambre" (the Gîte les Roussettes), are also recommended.

Where to eat

There are plenty on offer. Some tips: the "Mexicoco", a restaurant where ch'tis have taken up residence; the "Grand Hotel" restaurant, or "Sue Giu" and "Coco Pizza" for pizza plans. Tsara be, Diégo Planet, La Mouna, Shangra Li are also other good places.

What to see

The Benedictine Monastery of St. John the Baptist, occupied by sisters, and its local craft shop and garden of medicinal plants (accommodation possible on site). The "Montagne des français", considered as one of the sanctuaries of the floral biodiversity of the north. Not to mention the National Park of Amber Mountain (waterfalls, medicinal herbs, and lemurs).