Venture out to Isandra and explore its fascinating caves of Isandra

A privileged witness to the history of the Haute-Matsiatra region, Isandra - with its caves and cliffs - promises a timeless experience on the Betsileo territory.
A true natural fortress, the Isandra site represents an invaluable heritage for understanding the culture and history of the Upper Matsiatra region. Built in the midst of a rugged landscape dotted with granite chains and several blocks of rocks, the Zoma of Isandra has long served as a refuge for the local population thanks to its protected location of the kingdom’s enemies.
Extending over an area of 27 hectares of land, approximately thirty kilometers northwest of the town of Fianarantsoa, in the district of Isandra, this site contains several curiosities worthy of interest. Here you will find, for example, a maze of cavities, terraces with retaining walls in dry stones as well as a royal dormitory, a necropolis and a few "vatolahy" - hewn stones erected by King Ralaiarivony. Mysterious and world heritage in the making, the caves and cliffs of Isandra allow you to discover and amaze during your stay in the region. 
This article was featured in Prime Magazine June 2017

Useful Information

When to go

As in all the Haute-Matsiatra region, the climate in Isandra has a warm oceanic climate type in dry winter. Temperatures range around 19.1 ° C throughout the year. The best time to plan a trip is between June and September during the dry season.

How to get there

Fasan'ny Karana Bus Station, south of Antananarivo city center, is the bush taxi service to the city of Fianarantsoa. From the capital city Betsileo you can rent an all- terrain vehicle to reach Isandra about 30 km to the northwest.

Where to stay

To visit Isandra, it will be more convenient to sleep in Fianarantsoa. In the capital of the Betsileo you will find interesting accommodation offered on cite only the Case Madrigal, the Zomatel, the Ecole Hôtelière la Rizière and the Tsara Guest House.

Where to eat

For your visit to Isandra, it is recommended to provide a picnic basket. Once in Ambalavao, you have the opportunity to eat at the Tsara Guest House Restaurant, Panda Restaurant or Chez Julienne and Patrick. The Tsienimparihy Bakery & Restaurant also offers quality services.

What to see

After a visit rich in discoveries in the caves of Isandra, treat yourself to a walk in the city of Ambalavao. If you like wine, know that you are in the capital of wine in Madagascar. Continuing your journey to Fianarantsoa, ​​you will be only about twenty kilometers from the tea plantations of Sahambavy. Prefer the Micheline to the car for your transfer to Sahambavy.