Take the trails to appreciate the richness of Ibity

Give yourself the opportunity to discover the cultural richness of the Vakinankaratra as well as the beauty of its nature by visiting Ibity.
Lose yourself in a fascinating landscape alternating rice terraces and emerging rocks. Enjoy the hospitality of the villagers who will be happy to make your visit as memorable as possible.
Experience your passion for hiking or trekking and explore the attractions of the Ibity. The tours will take you to the famous precious stone mines where tourmaline, quartz and beryl are extracted. Of course, your journey will inevitably lead to the imposing mass of Ibity. The caves and rocks will delight lovers of all kinds of challenges. A seasoned sportsman, go beyond your own performances during a climb or a trek discovered in the valley.

A walking tour rhymes with discovery in nature. While enjoying the clean air, you will observe on your way a flora with an endemicity rate of more than 70% as well as a very rich faunistic heritage. You will make many discoveries of plant species.

This article was featured Prime Magazine May 2017

Useful Information

When to go

Sharing the same warm oceanic weather and the dry winter of Antsirabe, Ibity has low rainfall throughout the year, with an annual average of 563 mm. In order to better appreciate the wealth of the region, plan your stay in February, March, April, November or December. With an average temperature of 18 ° C, do not forget to bring warm clothes.

How to get there

Antsirabe is about 170 km from Antananarivo. Ibity is about twenty kilometers away from Antsirabe, the capital of Vakinankaratra. In order to have a peaceful journey, rent a 4x4 or take a taxi-brousse, the public bus.

Where to stay

No hotel has been listed for Ibity to date. However, you can spend your nights at the Ihasy Gîte (Lodge). Prestigious hotels are spreading in Antsirabe. You can choose between the Hôtel des Thermes, the Royal Palace, the Cristal Hotel or the Flower Palace Hotel.

Where to eat

In Ibity, restaurants are rare or non-existent. For your meals, consider preparing a picnic basket. Otherwise, book a table at the Zandina restaurant, Chez Jenny or the Trianon Restaurant in Antsirabe to enjoy Malagasy dishes prepared with local products.

What to see

The surroundings of Ibity are suitable for all kinds of activities. Discover Betafo with its waterfalls, lake and thermal baths. It is also possible to visit the famous volcanic lakes of Tritriva and Andraikiba. You can also stop in the center of Antsirabe to explore the precious stone shops or the market gardeners’ stalls.