Opt for a quiet holiday in Fénérive-Est!

The city of Fénérive-Est or Fenoarivo Atsinanana in Malagasy is the origin of the creation of the Betsimisaraka people. As that region was inhabited by the Antanaratra ethnic group, they were expelled from their lands by the Tsimbala, a rival clan. However with the lead of the future King Ratsimilaho, son of Princess Rahena and British pirate Thomas White, they were able to reconquer their territory and founded the Betsimisaraka ethnic group in 1712.
The peaceful town of Fénérive-Est will make you happy if you are passionate about the history of piracy. This coastal city was in the 17th century a port for pirates. European pirates came as far as Fenoarivo Atsinanana to exchange goods with the Antanaratra. You can take a tour at the old city fort built in 1820 to see the vestiges of that time.
Your stay in Fénérive-Est also rhymes with nature and discovery. You can visit the plantations for clove, cinnamon, pepper and coffee, whose scents will not fail to awaken your senses. The primary forests in its countryside is also worth a visit. You will observe a wide variety of wild orchids.
The craftswomen of Fénérive-Est will be pleased to offer you their best collections of basketwork in braided ropes or in bamboo.
If you favor human contact, get onboard of a canoe and sail to Nosy Akoho (Chicken Island) to share the daily life of fishermen! Enjoy a moment of relaxation, the beaches on this island are heavenly!
This article was featured in Prime Magazine July 2017

Useful Information

When to go

Fénérive-Est enjoys a tropical climate. Rainfall is significant almost throughout the year, with a slight decrease in October. The temperature stays around 26 ° C.

How to get there

To go to Fénérive-Est, take the RN2 road to Toamasina and then take the RN5 road. Your destination is 100 km north of the Betsimisaraka capital city. In all you will have traveled 456 km. You will travel the last 100 kilometers in three hours.

Where to stay

For your accommodation, stop at the Oasis Lodge and at the Sahorana Lodge, the best addresses we can advise you on the spot! Most of the accommodation facilities are located in Mahambo, a tourist city a few kilometers away from Fénérive-Est on the way to Toamasina. This way you can spend your nights at Hotel La Pirogue or Hotel Hibiscus. To further enjoy the calm of the east coast, opt for a night in Foulpointe. There are plenty of references here, in particular Hotel Manda Beach, Hotel Azura Resort Golf & Spa, and Hotel La Cigale. If you decide to directly return to Toamasina after your visit in Fénérive-Est, book your rooms at Calypso Hotel & Spa, Sharon Hotel, Sunny Golf Hotel, and Luciole Hotel which are good references.

Where to eat

For your gourmet stay in Toamasina, you can sit down at the restaurant Hotel La Veranda, otherwise order your meals in the restaurant corner of your hotel!

What to see

The Toamasina – Fénérive-Est axis is not lacking in terms of attractions. You will find on your way the seaside resort of Foulpointe, the ideal place to safely bathe in the waters of the Indian Ocean. Continuing on your way, you will get to Mahambo, a very quiet place renowned for its surf spots.