Gourmet and discovery stay in Behenjy

Enjoy your gourmet stay in Behenjy to admire the typical traditional houses of the Malagasy highlands.
During your stay in Antananarivo, don’t forget to pay a visit in Behenjy, this small haven of tranquility located near the south border of the Analamanga region. About 40 kilometers from the capital city, this town is known for the quality of it’s duck’s liver produced by its farmers. They will be happy to show you their small artisanal farms. You can also offer yourself a few whims while enjoying dishes made with duck’s liver admirably cooked by the chefs officiating in the restaurants around.
Behenjy is also the best place to enjoy the charm of the typical traditional houses in the central highlands of Madagascar. You will easily recognize them with their brick walls or raw land in reddish terracotta. Their roof in straw or tiles gives them a special charm. Keep your camera in hand, as the facades of these houses illuminated by a ray of sunshine, makes a striking performance.
Combine your gourmet walk with a discovery trip. You will have access to various green activities including a hike to Iharanandriana, the holiday resort of former merina rulers.
This article was featured in Prime Magazine June 2017

Useful Information

When to go

With a warm temperate climate, Behenjy has two distinct seasons: a summer rainfall, and a mild and dry winter. Scarce rains between June and September, it is the best time to visit the city.

How to get there

Preferably, it is better to rent a car to visit the city of Behenjy at your own pace. However, you can also take a bush taxi at the Fasan'ny Karana’s bus station to reach this destination.

Where to stay

For your stay, the best accommodation options lie in downtown Antananarivo. Tana Hotel, the Grand Hotel Urban, the Grand Hotel du Louvre, the Trois Métis, the Colbert Hotel and the Radama Hotel are among the good references from the Capital city. Alternatively, you can also book your rooms in the establishments along Avenue de l'Indépendance.

Where to eat

For your meals, the Nerone restaurant, the Tatao restaurant and La Ribaudière Hotel & Restaurant are recommended. You can dine on the terrace of the restaurant La Fougère and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Queen's Palace. Besides, if you are in the Upper Town, you should know that at the Grill du Rova, the chef concocts typical Malagasy dishes.

What to see

During your stay in Behenjy, experience the descent of the Andromba river to appreciate the magnificent typical landscapes of the region. You can also relax for a picnic in Amboasary.