Experience a unique ecological experience at Bedo Lake!

Bedo Lake is one of 20 wetlands designated as Ramsar sites in Madagascar today. Located in the Menabe Region, in the western part of the Big Island, the Bedo wetland extends over 2000 hectares of which the lake area alone is 412 hectares. Since 2007, it has been inscribed on the list of wetlands of international importance.
The treaty that was signed in 1971 in Iran and implemented in 1975 defines a Ramsar site as a space meeting the criteria established by the contracting parties at the convention. Thus, different types of habitat can be considered as Ramsar sites: marshes, peat bogs, floodplains, rivers and lakes, coastal areas such as salt marshes, mangroves and eelgrass beds, but also coral reefs and other marine areas up to six metres deep at low tide, and man-made wetlands such as sewage treatment ponds and retention lakes. Madagascar's accession to this convention dates from 1998.
A paradise for birdwatchers
Bedo Lake and its surrounding swamps are home to 64 species of birds, some of which are endemic and others endangered. The site is thus a gold mine for bird watchers but also an exceptional showcase for amateurs. Bernier ducks, herons and flamingos can also be observed. Apart from this animals, turtle and fish varieties are also recorded, not to mention crocodiles. It should be noted that the Mandroatsy River and the Mozambique Channel meet at this lake. If the fauna is considered rich and unique in this site, the flora is not far behind.
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Useful Information

When to go

You can observe birds especially between March and June while other species like "fosa" and reptiles are visible in all seasons thanks to the richness of the ecosystem of the site.

How to get there

If you choose the land route, take the road connecting Tana and the capital of Menabe, Morondava (RN7 - RN34 - RN35). Regular flights also provide connections between Tana and Morondava. Once arrived, consider renting an all-terrain vehicle and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the slopes!

Where to stay

The hotel Rosewood West Coast is recommended to stay in Menabe. Infrastructures, reception, security, staff, ... everything is perfect!

Where to eat

After a nature getaway, try La Capannina, Chez Alain or Blue Soleil to satisfy your taste buds. Seafood, European and Italian specialties await you at these restaurants.

What to see

Ornithology is the most popular activity for tourists visiting this area; equip yourself with your materials: glasses, binoculars, camera and camcorder, because you are in the most beautiful spot for birdwatching!