Go on an adventure in the primary forest of Anjozorobe

Riding between Analamanga and Alaotra Mangoro, Anjozorobe is a hamlet with potentialities that may be of interest to you.
Anjozorobe is an essential step in your journey to the Big Island, guaranteeing you resourcing and adventure. Take the forest corridor of Anjozorobe-Angavo to admire 550 plant species, most of which are endemic, and 84 species of reptiles referenced. You will also see 9 species of lemurs. The Indri Indri, the biggest lemur on the island, will be happy to keep you company. You will also have the opportunity to observe some of the 74 specimens of forest birds that have taken up residence there.
This hamlet is also a high place of the Malagasy tradition; the name of the city says about this cultural aspect of the site. From the word "zoro", taken here under the meaning "sacred angle", Anjozorobe refers to the northeast corner of the traditional hut from which the Malagasy communicate with the ancestors. Anjozorobe is oriented towards the northeast and thus assumes a sacred character. You will notice the presence of caves, “doany “ and tombs during your walk.
Throughout your journey, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the sympathy of the Anjozorobe population.
This article was featured in Prime Magazine May 2017

Useful Information

When to go

Anjozorobe has a warm and temperate climate with a dry winter. Average precipitation is 1295 mm per year. The average temperature is around 18.6 ° C. For a most enjoyable hike in this area, plan your getaway in April, May, September or October.

How to get there

On the RN3, Anjozorobe is about 90 km from Antananarivo. The road is in very good condition, you can easily reach the village by light car or by 4x4. In order to better immerse yourself in the local life or why not, make dating, take the taxi-brousse from the parking of Ambodivona. The journey takes about 3 hours.

Where to stay

For your accommodation, book a room at the Mananara Lodge or Saha Forest Camp, ecotourism accommodation. You can also reach your hotel in Antananarivo with ease. The ONG Fanamby will also be pleased to welcome you in its reception facilities.

Where to eat

Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, the restaurants of Saha Forest Camp and Mananara Lodge are open to all. Packed lunches are also provided so you can dine while you ride.

What to see

The road leading to Anjozorobe is home to many historical sites. Make a stop at the royal palace of Ilafy and the palace of Ambohimanga to know the history of the Merina royalty. Enjoy a walk on the hills and surrounding localities to discover the daily life of the locals.