The Hidden Waterfall

Today a cult place appreciated by families, the Andrianambo waterfall is above all a historical and sacred site. It is royal territory but many people have no idea that it even exists.
For some, the matter is about a formerly restricted area to the Vazaha during the First Republic, which today is a picnic spot and a place of worship. It might be that the place contains a Zanahary (god). Therefore, it is a sacred space that involves different fady (forbidden items). Others follow clues, like signs that indicate the royal character of the area, such as the aviavy (fig tree) or the voanonoka, of the royal trees. The old palace since being transformed into a church, supports this theory. And finally, the name Andrianambo is formed by the word "Andriana" which means "king".
The waterfall, located at the north-west of the capital, is said to have been a place of relaxation for the royal family. Today, Andrianambo is the ideal place for hiking enthusiasts and the descent that leads to the waterfall is fascinating. Hidden in the plains of Mahabo, surrounded by the Babay and Lohovohatra hills, this waterfall has its spring at the Andringitra. It crosses the municipality of Antanetibe Mahazaza, passes through Mahabo and falls at Ampanotokana and Anjomoka.
This article was featured in Prime Magazine November 2018

Useful Information

When to go

A recommended time to visit is between April and November, ie. outside the rainy season. The temperature varies between 15°C and 28°C in November. To make the most out of the visit, plan to go there early in the day.

How to get there

The Andrianambo waterfall is is located in the municipality of Lazaina, in Mahitsy. To reach there, take the RN4, which leads to Mahajanga. After about 20 kilometres, you will arrive at Mahitsy. Then expect about 10 kilometres of secondary road via Anjomoka to reach your destination.

Where to stay

For your accommodation, you can check in at hotels west of Antananarivo, such as the Riviera Garden in Mandriambero, the Mahavelo in Talatamaty or at Homelidays in Ivato.

Where to eat

The street restaurants of the town of Mahitsy serve typical Malagasy cuisine. You can also plan a picnic by the waterfall.

What to see

Admire the beautiful landscapes of the Highlands. Mahitsy is known for its tomatoes but also for its important breeding of laying hens (40 percent of the eggs consumed in Madagascar come from Mahitsy and Ambohidratrimo).