Beyond the bay of Saint Augustin, is a village of Vezo fishermen. From your very first visit, you will inevitably fall under the spell of the picturesque unspoiled scenery and the discovery of the wonderful region around Anakao. The stunning sunsets here have no equal. The bright orange colour of the sky competes with the hues of the Vezo dugouts, moored in a row along the beach, painted red, blue, green and black. During the day, the crystal clear waters invite those wishing to explore underwater treasures through scuba diving or snorkelling. The waters are alive with marine vegetation and multi-coloured fish that thrive in this turquoise-coloured environment and the soft
sand will invite you to lie down and take an afternoon snooze.
Endemic species, including the Coelacanth, a rare prehistoric fish, were discovered here around 1995, provoking the arrival of 100 or so fishermen from the south. Situated 38km from Tuléar, close to the Tropic of Capricorn, the community is composed of migrating groups of people. It is a cosmopolitan population, with an extremely interesting diversity of cultures. Ancient infrastructures, large tombs or the traditional huts of nomadic fishermen from the south are examples of imposing sumptuous historical monuments to be discovered in the area. Sails, oars or fragments of fishing nets adorning the tombs are reminders of the seafaring past of the deceased.
This article was featured in Prime Magazine March 2019

Useful Information

When to go

Between May and October, the climate is ideal, with an average temperature of 27°C and heavy rains or storms are few and far between.

How to get there

Tuléar is a one-hour flight from Antananarivo. You then need to take a boat or ferry to Anakao. River transport services run seven days a week.

Where to stay

Anakao has several hotels, such as the Anakao Ocean Lodge, which offers original luxury accommodation. The Kintana hotel, a few hundred metres from the village, proposes accommodation in 100% environment-friendly huts. Longo Vezo has comfortable spacious rooms looking out over the immense white sandy beach.

Where to eat

Where better than Chez Clovis? The cuisine is excellent and the view is stunning. On the menu: seafood such as crayfish, slipper lobster, emperor fish, grilled squid and other seafood. And why not finish after your meal with a dessert of fresh mangoes?

What to see

The spot presents exceptional diving sites, perfect for observing fish and coral. However, you can also enjoy simply swimming, reading on the sand or sailing.