Meet the artisans of Ambositra

Ambositra, capital of the region of Amoron'i Mania will not fail to seduce you with the beauty of its landscapes. But this city has more to offer with the impressive quality of its local handicrafts.
Known for their ancestral skills, craftsmen in Ambositra excel in the art of working wood and other materials. Simply stroll amid its streets and markets to find out beautiful sculptures adorning balconies, statuettes sitting on shelves of shops and boutiques and boxes of all kinds - which are just a small selection of the wonders that these artists have been creating for generations.

If you want to have a closer look at the works of these talented artisans, visit the market of Anjoma-Akona. Besides its false air of colorful souk, it will amaze you with the unique quality of the displayed products: baskets, pottery, decorative items, mats, kitchen utensils, furniture, board games, Zafimaniry arts, etc. These products are mostly made of precious wood or zebu horns. This is the best place to buy souvenirs of your trip in Madagascar.

This article was featured in Prime Magazine January 2017

Useful Information

When to go

The city of Ambositra enjoys a warm temperate climate like most parts of the Malagasy Highlands. With temperatures fluctuating around 20° C throughout the year, the ideal time to visit this destination is between February and April and between November and December.

How to get there

The best way to get to Ambositra is to drive along the mythical RN7 linking Antananarivo to the Great South of Madagascar. The taxi-brousses serving Fianarantsoa - and therefore Ambositra - depart from the Fasan'ny Karana bus station in the south of Antananarivo. Your 261 km journey will last approximately 9 hours.

Where to stay

You can easily find quality hotels in this city. Hotel Mania Artisan, Hotel / Motel Violette, Hotel Tsaralaza Angelino, Hotel du Centre, Hotel Jonathan, Le Tropik Hotel, Gîte Papavelo, Sous le soleil de Mada, or Sokela de la Mania will be pleased to welcome you.

Where to eat

Ambositra is a city where we usually eat well. Almost all hotels will offer a restaurant service. You may also choose to eat in town and enjoy at the same time the warm hospitality of the Betsileo people.

What to see

During your walks in town you will discover the magnificent cathedral of Ambositra. You can also visit the village of Soatanana famous for silk weaving or visit the Zafimaniry artisans in Antoetra. You will have the opportunity to attend the Savika or bullfighting the Malagasy way. On your way to Ambositra, you can stop in Ambalavao to visit the Antemoro paper manufacture.