Taking the RN6 to the north of Madagascar will lead us to the village Ambondromifehy. More precisely, it is located 43 kilometers from Ambilobe, in the rural district of Anivorano North. With its 3000 inhabitants, Ambondromifehy represents the typical Malagasy life-style with a plenty of straw houses, small shops everywhere in-between, and just a few concrete buildings..
It was a village without a history background, until the discovery of a quarry of blue sapphire in Kepakepa, located 2 kilometers away from Ambondromifehy, in 1996. After the rush of Sapphire prospectors, the villagers had to adapted to a very different life, revolving around this new activity. Many of them started working in this mine.
The sapphires of Ambondromifehy are of various qualities, but even some star sapphires, the rarest gemstone of the world, have been found.
This article was featured in Prime Magazine July 2018

Useful Information

When to go

The climate at Ambondromifehy is tropical. The weather is warm and pleasant from October to April.

How to get there

To reach Ambondromifehy, take a flight to Diégo from Antananarivo. The village is only a few kilometers from the airport. If you take the road from the capital, Ambondromifehy is reached after passing Ambilobe. The mining area at Kepakepa is a great place for adventurers. Alas it is accessible only by feet, walking through the rice fields and having to cross a river. Still we need to pass high savannas and forests before finally arriving at the dark blue sapphire mine.

Where to stay

"Iharana Bush Camp" is the only hotel on Ambondromifehy. An original concept, modern and charming. Located by the lake, it offers a very quiet stay with a magnificent panorama. If you prefer to be in town, opt for the "Grand Hotel de Diégo"; in the city center. Very clean and bright setting with outstanding services.

Where to eat

The restaurant "Grand Hotel" offers an international meals, all well prepared and lavish. The “Mexicoco” is the perfect address for discovering local but also European cuisine. An idyllic setting that attracts the world.

What to see

Despite the distance between Ambilobe and Diego, you will never be bored at Ambondromifehy. Around Ambilobe there are surprising places such as the Dadilahy waterfall, the royal palace, the Ankarana massif, the Sengaloka potters, the embroiderers of Manongarivo and the sugarcane plantations that made this place of Madagascar famous. Your visit is also an opportunity to participate in traditional ceremonies of Antakarana kingship such as fisehagna and tsangatsaina. On the side of Diégo, the red tsingy, the Ankarana National Park, the Amber Mountain and the Emerald Sea are the places to go.