Ambondromamy, A stop to the Crossroads Town

Ambondromamy is one of the 11 municipalities that make up the District of Ambato-Boeny, in the southern part of the Boeny Region, formerly Mahajanga Province. This city is the point of intersection between two national roads: the RN4 connecting Antananarivo and Mahajanga with the RN6, connecting the centre of the country with the north, Antsiranana. A stopover town for those who travel to Sofia, DIANA or SAVA, it is located 450km from the capital and about 100km from Mahajanga and is also known as "Antanambazaha" or tourist town. It is an essential resting place on a journey to the west or north.
Ambondromamy is a very lively city given the number of vehicles which circulate there during the day or night. Of course, its dynamism is linked to its location as a crossroad between two national roads but likewise to its climate. The average annual temperature is 32°C.
Within the framework of the PATIMA or Tilapia Aquaculture Project of Mahajanga, in collaboration with the Japanese, one could count about 20 pools by 2013. The initiative is aimed at creating an income-generating activity for the farmers but also at dissuading the population from exploiting the Ankarafantsika forest. Each year, this facility produces no less than 10 tons of fish.
Voandalana Corner
 There is a tradition in Madagascar when it comes to travelling. The "fruits of travel" that you bring to your loved ones can be fruits themselves, edible products or souvenir items. At Ambondromamy, you'll find even more! Seafood: shrimps and fia maina (dried fish). During this season, the Mokonazy (jujubes) flood the markets with tamarins, fitsa (dried and smoked banana) and other exotic fruits. Basketry, wood carvings and handicrafts are also available in the market.
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Useful Information

When to go

The climate of the Boeny Region is tropical dry with contrasting seasons, in which heat remains a constant. It alternatives between a rainy season from November and April, and a dry season from April to October. Winds remain moderate and are predominantly tradewinds.

How to get there

From Antananarivo, take the RN4 which leads west, drive 450km, pass through Andranovelona, Ankazobe, Manerinerina and the river Betsiboka to Maevatanana! After 96km, Ambondromamy is reached, near the Kamoro bridge. Don't forget to include a stopover on your next trip to the north or west of the Big Island.

Where to stay

Several hotels are available in this town but we recommend Jiaby Hotel.

Where to eat

Try the establishments along the roadside. As the travellers in taxi-brousses are their main customers, the Malagasy menus, especially the "vary sy laoka" have the most recommended dishes. You will also find seafood specialties.

What to see

Take advantage of your stay in Ambondromamy to visit the nearby Ankarafantsika National Park. Discover dense and dry forests, lakes, lemurs, birds and reptiles.