Relive the Golden Age of the Merina Kingdom in Ambohitrangano

Between history and nature, the village of Ambohitrangano has a bucolic charm that makes it one of the most popular stopovers for hikers and history lovers.
Being about twenty kilometers from Antananarivo, Ambohitrangano is one of the highlights of your hike in the north of the capital. Towering 1537 m above sea level, this ancient fortified city preserves remains of the time as well as magnificent specimens of the traditional architecture of the Highlands Malagasy.
Note that here people still use expressions of the time of royalty to communicate. Ampanataovana, the starting point of your excursion, unveils the charm of the traditional houses of the Imerina. In this small, peaceful village stands a large stone on which the villagers leaned when they lifted a luggage or carried something on their heads. This stone was originally named after the village of Ampanataovana.

Your tour ends at Ambatomitsangana, the royal gate of Ambohimanga. But to get there you pass through Soavinandrimanitra, one of the 7 famous gates of Ambohimanga and the former arsenal of Queen Ranavalona I. You are surprised by its layout of laterite walls and its ditches surrounding the whole village. Discover the city that served as a refuge for the great king Andrianampoinimerina before taking power.

This article was featured in Prime Magazine May 2017

Useful Information

When to go

The city of Antananarivo, at an altitude of more than 1200 meters, is subject to a warm and temperate climate, resulting in a tropical summer with high rainfall and a winter at mild temperatures. The best time to visit this destination is between April and October.

How to get there

Antananarivo is served by a number of airlines, including the national airline Air Madagascar, which offers flights departing from major cities such as Paris, Marseilles ... As for transport for hiking tours in Ambohitrangano, most organizers will propose a pack comprising between other accommodation, transport and visit.

Where to stay

For the duration of your stay in Antananarivo, many establishments located in the city center will satisfy your expectations in terms of quality / price and comfort. The Tanà Hotel, The Hôtel Grand Hôtel Urban, The Restaurant & Hotel La Ribaudière, the hotel Les Trois Métis, the Ibis, the Hotel Carlton or the Relais des Plateaux are among the most recommended addresses.

Where to eat

Dzama Cocktail Café, Nerone and Rossini, La Varangue and Villa Vanille are renowned for their local and European specialties.

What to see

After your hike to Ambohitrangano, plan a relaxing day at Croc Farm or Lemur's Park. A stroll through the streets of the Capital can also be instructive. For your travel memories, do not forget to go through the craft market of the road dike.