A Sweet Visit to… the Ambatobe Mamy Antely

Ambatobe Mamy Antely (great honey rock), is – as the name suggests – a great rock well known for its natural and pure honey. It is located 4km from the centre of Andapa, in the SAVA region, an area rich in agriculture. Rice growing, vanilla fields, coffee, fruit and vegetable plantations, fish farming and beekeeping make up the daily life of the villagers.
The Andapa basin is the third rice granary in Madagascar, besides Alaotra and Marovoay.
The tour allows you to observe the stages of its production. An opportunity to exchange and discuss with farmers who can explain this particular cultivation which occurs twice a year and depends on an irrigation system.
The vanilla and coffee fields are the main focus of this visit. Here, vanilla cultivation is different from the one along the coast and requires more sunshine. During this trip, you'll become familiar with the Tsimihety culture by experiencing traditional ceremonies such as Famadihana (exhumation), Rasa hariagna (rites to ancestors), traditional marriage and many others. Local women, youth groups and
children can show you the traditional dances.
It is also possible to swim in the river Ankiakely (its source is in the northern part of the Makira Natural Park), alongside the villages Antanamangotroka and Ambodirazato.
This article was featured in Prime Magazine September 2018

Useful Information

When to go

This northeastern part of the Big Island is characterized by a humid tropical climate with heavy rainfall. But you can visit the area all year long.

How to get there

Take a flight by Air Madagascar to Sambava, from there you will continue by car. Andapa is 100km from the capital of SAVA. Driving to the capital, the distance is 1590km (RN4, then RN6 and RN5a).

Where to stay

If you choose to spend the night in Andapa, you can stay at the Vatosoa Hotel and Restaurant, the Beanana Hotel or the Riziky Hotel.

Where to eat

A picnic by the river Ankiakely or at the top of the hill will enhance your visit. Otherwise, taste the culinary specialties of the Vatosoa Restaurant, the Beanana Hotel or the Riziky Hotel.

What to see

Pollination of the vanilla flower, which requires human intervention, is a must-see during the flowering season. It is possible to observe chameleons, snakes, birds, amphibians, butterflies and other animal species of the region. An introduction to artisan fishing of the regional endemic freshwater species is also possible. On the hillocks, discover about 30 beehives, ponds and fish farm basins...