Go to the heart of adventure on Quad and Buggy

Some will appreciate backpacking, others trains, cars ... However, the great adventure takes place on quad and buggy.
To get a closer look at Madagascar's squares and hidden faces, which have a real potential in fauna and flora and especially to appreciate exceptional landscapes, you have to venture into the heart of the island. The question is how? The answer is found, thanks to quad bikes and buggies; this ride of which you dream is possible.
Depart from Antananarivo for a 3-day trip to Antsirabe, the city of water, a 150 km journey. At the rendezvous point, the quads and buggies are provided, a last check and then the "big start". On the road the participants, who converted to pilots, marvel at the beauty of nature. Faced with the minor roads, some have had difficulty keeping pace ... Here, we are in solidarity, we wait for the others. First stop: Hotel Vatolahy. The next day, we travel several kilometres in the Madagascan bush before reaching La Pineta D'ambatolampy, there a lunch break is necessary.
For the adventurous, another destination can be travelled: the "Morondava - Belo - Tuléar" route more than 300 kms to be covered in 5 days. The trip will not be disappointing despite the road, all along the journey, magnificent landscapes as far as the eye can see, and the village community, amazed by the rumbling of the engines running on our arrival. Some stop occasionally to take pictures or a sandwich break. During the journey, we have hearty lunches at the Hotel Salary Bay and other hotels on the way.
Third route, the journey between "Antananarivo - Mantasoa" around 40 kms, the trip is done in 2 days. We will stay in a private house. At the end of last October, the journey between "Tana - Andasibe - Ambila - Manambato" was a great success, 400 kms covered. On the road the euphoria and the atmospheric mix, accompanied by the kindness of the villagers who often come to chat with us, during the journey, one hardly feels fatigue. On the way back, we will be filled with fond memories and beautiful images.
This article was featured in Prime Magazine November 2017

Useful Information

When to go

The trips organised by CT Motors and the Polaris Club are scheduled every two months. Every year, they organise a big trip: the Polaris camp, which aims to bring together all Polaris owners, to discover a region of Madagascar off the beaten track.

How to get there

On quad or buggy according to your choice.

Where to stay

In Antsirabe you have a wide choice of hotels, we offer the following: H1, Antsirabe Hotel, Green Land Lodge, Colour Café. In Belo, Hotel Ecolodge of Menabe, Hotel Dauphin Vezo. In Morondava: the Palissandre Hotel on the West Coast. In Tulear, many hotels are available to satisfy your needs, such as: Hotel Anakao, Hotel Soalaza, The Prince Anakao. In Mantasoa: There is a wide choice of hotel infrastructures to name but a few, the Domaine de l'Ermitage, Mantasoa Lodge, the Chalet and many others.

Where to eat

Antsirabe: among the good addresses to remember: the Zandina, the Push-Pousse, the Unusual. In Belo: at the hotel restaurant Le Dauphin Vezo. In Mantasoa: L'Ermitage, offers local and international cuisine made with fresh products from the lake (Tilapia ...). During the gentle winter evenings, Lodge will introduce you to their infusions and home made fruit flavoured rums around the large lounge fireplace.

What to see

In Antsirabe, be sure to visit the mythical Lake Tritriva and Lake Andraikiba. On the road to Morondava are Betafo and Ranomafana, another unique holiday resort. In Belo, discover the fishing villages and their techniques of schooner construction. In Mantasoa, discover the artificial lake, the tomb of Jean Laborde and other vestiges. You can also visit Nosy Soa Park, an educational and touristic nature reserve.