Toliara Cultural Museum

Tulear, capital of the Atsimo Andrefana Region and capital of the old province, is a quiet city whose hospitality is admirable. These people will welcome you because you are their "Longo" (friends). The Cultural Museum is connected with the University of Tulear, more precisely to the CeDRATOM or Center for Documentation and Research on Art and Oral Traditions, the Museum of Arts and Traditions of the South. A place that tells the cultural and historical concerns of the Mahafaly, Antandroy and Sakalava. Located in the city centre, the visit of the museum is interesting. Tools, sculptures, paintings, writings and photos are exhibited. All illustrate the culture of the south and especially its traditions. During the hour of your visit, you will be steeped in history, crafts and customs of the region. Funerary art is for example particular in this part of the island. There are no cemeteries in Mahafaly country. The tombs, whose upper parts are decorated with bucranes or heads of oxen, are erected in-midst the nature. These manifestations of past life demand the admiration of passers-by to honour the dead.

The richest burial places are near the main roads, their location is always chosen during the lifetime of the person, even if its construction will be started only after death. The guided tours of the tombs are important to understand the meaning of each site.

This article was featured in Prime Magazine June 2018

Useful Information

When to go

The southwestern region is characterised by a desert type climate with low rainfall. The average temperature is 24° C.

How to get there

To go to Tuléar, take the N7 towards the south and travel 936 km. The trip lasts about 20 hours. However, you can opt for the airway. Air Madagascar provides regular connections between Antananarivo and Tulear. For fun, take a cyclo gry to go to the museum of CeDRATOM which is located near Bazary Be.

Where to stay

There is plenty of choice in Tulear! We suggest "Mikéa Lodge", "Moringa Hotel" or "Amazone". Further away from the city, 'Atlantis Madagascar", "Anakao Lodge" or the "Eden Ecolodge Residence", are recommendable too.

Where to eat

For a gourmet rendezvous, try "Chez Etoile de Mer" and its seafood specialties served outdoors. "The Zebu Philosopher", "The Bernic Restaurant", "The Garden of Giancarlo" or "Blu", are also fine places.

What to see

Besides the CeDRATOM, other museums await you, such as the Rabesandratana Oceanographic Museum (located between the Avenue de France and the Port) or the Institute of Fisheries Science. As icing on the cake, why not take a detour to St. Augustine?