A Walking Tour through the Majunga Wilderness

If you pass through the northwest of the island, more precisely through Majunga or "the city of flowers", don't forget to take a detour to the village of Tanandava, a place well known for its many footpaths and the beauty of its lakes.
It is a 12km walking tour (or by cart), lasting 3.5 hours and without much difficulty. Lemurs such as propithecus coquereli, reptiles, snakes, turtles and endemic amphibians inhabit the area and beautiful plants line the route. This circuit, with its winding paths and steep sandy slopes, is perfect for hikers.
The tour will take you to the three lakes of Matsiadroy. As an integral part of the Analabe forests, the lakes provide an ideal habitat for birds and crocodiles in the surrounding area, but also a watering hole for the zebus of the local community. A camp has been built to accommodate researchers, who will find a unique birding sanctuary here.
If you also want to spend the evening on site, it is possible to camp by the lake. A gentle night, with the sound of nature and harmless nocturnal animals in the offing. Not far from the village of Tanandava lies Marosakoa, a fishing village. It features a quiet and beautiful beach where you can dive into the ocean. Impeccably clean and tidy, this beach is also a playground for many watersports or beach activities such as beach volleyball.
This article was featured in Prime Magazine November 2018

Useful Information

When to go

Mahajanga is under a savannah climate with a dry winter. Precipitation is much higher in summer than in winter. Over the year, the average temperature is 26.9°C. The site is accessible all year long by boat, but the access by road is advisable only between March and December.

How to get there

Air Madagascar serves Majunga from the capital. The village of Tanandava is located 12km away from the city of Majunga. To get to the village, it is possible to use an ox cart to enjoy more adventures or to walk there.

Where to stay

Choose among the following: Zahamotel Hotel, Saara Hotel, Sunny Hotel, Antsahanitia Hotel, Les Roches Rouges, Coco Lodge, Anjajavy Lodge, Relais Camp or Châteaux Madagascar.

Where to eat

During your stay, we suggest that you eat at Papi Râleur's. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the Petite Cour or the restaurant Chez Karon.

What to see

Don't miss the beaches of Amborovy and the great bulwark, both worth a detour. The Red Circus is located near the beach of the big bulwark. Do a night trip to the famous " seashore " of Majunga to enjoy the atmosphere of the Majunga night.