For a change of scenery, choose Nosy Faly

Located by the sea and surrounded by equatorial nature, the island of Nosy Faly is 25 minutes from Nosy Be and 40 minutes from the port of Hell City. Located west of Ambaro Bay and east of Nosy Be, the island offers paradise to those who want a change of scenery.
On this island, the "Mora Mora" is not a slogan for a souvenir t-shirt, but a real art of living. That of being in harmony with its environment, in the calm and the tranquility, to live according to the sun and the sea, the rhythm of work being linked to that of the tides and the good will of Eole.
On the other hand, from the 1st of April of each year, the effervescence gains the island for fishing with "maloky". The collection of this famous little fish marks the beginning of the fishing season in Nosy Faly. Every morning shortly after dawn, hundreds of single beam canoes arrive from all villages to position themselves behind the coral reef. The songs and heated discussions put an end to the quiet morning to give way to this typically Malagasy communicative joy, and hope to fill the boats of these long-awaited fish.
Among Nosy Be's surrounding islands, Nosy Faly is the one that also has the best preserved authenticity, especially because of the presence of a cemetery of Sakalava king (ethnic group) and the will of the majority of "vahazas" residing on the island to build in respect of the environment. The island also preserves its environmental beauty, thanks to its fauna (turtle and panther chameleon Nosy Faly) and its flora. A track crosses the island along its length connecting small villages on the ridge from which trails lead to the fishing villages nestled in the coves and beaches most protected. From August to October, you can also watch the humpback whales pass near the island.
This article was featured in Prime Magazine December 2017

Useful Information

When to go

The climate is tropical, with a hot and rainy season from November to April. To go to Nosy Faly it is better to go between the months of May to October.

How to get there

By private plane from Nosy Be, or rent a speedboat, or also use the transfer services of Ecolodge Nosy Faly.

Where to stay

The Ecolodge of Nosy Faly awaits you with these well equipped, spacious rooms of 20m²: electronic safe, mosquito net, fan and a large terrace overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Where to eat

The Ecolodge of Nosy Faly prepares you the best products of the sea, with its very appetising crustaceans.

What to see

After a quick walk, climb the disused lighthouse of the island to admire 360 ​​° breathtaking views of the island and the neighbouring islands. For a memorable experience, enjoy sunrises and sunsets!