Marovasa Be :A Corner Of Paradise

Marovasa Be :A Corner Of Paradise

If you travel through the north-west of Madagascar, a visit to Marovasa Be is a must. On the menu: a diversity of fauna and flora, with stunning landscapes.

 A unique starting-point for those wishing to explore the north-west of Madagascar, a visit to Marovasa Be will give you a magical experience at the heart of the forest, with tall baobabs and a myriad rocks. Truly grandiose scenery.  In addition, the locals, traditionally fishermen, have recently started growing oranges, kaffir limes, frangipani, cashews, ylang-ylang, coconut palms and mangoes. The lush natural vegetation also attracts bird-life. But there is more to come…

During your walks, you are certain to come across zebu, step over a chameleon or two and spot grass-snakes glistening in the sun. A true delight and thrilling discoveries. The local population, with their very warm welcome, will also contribute to making your visit a pleasant one. For example, you may be given a coconut split in a very strange manner. We will say no more and let you discover how. The local guides will show you around the infrastructures such as schools and churches and will be pleased to share with you the different cultural elements of Marovasa Be: a culture centred around the baobab, a truly sacred tree.

Marovasa Be :A Corner Of Paradise

A 15 minute boat ride from Marovasa Be is Moramba, an unspoilt bay that is really worth a visit. The peace and quiet of the bay is a true source of calm. Here, only the screech of the birds of prey and the swish of the little boats skimming over the surface of the water break the silence.  A word of warning, however: solitary explorers are not advised to venture out. A guide will be an essential and precious companion.

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Useful Information

When to go

The temperature is cool all year round, so you can visit whenever you wish. However, many visitors come in July and August.

How to get there

Marovasa Be can be reached by sea or by air. You can take an Air Madagascar/ Tsaradia flight from the capital to Mahajanga. There, you can take a boat to get to the site. You can take advantage of the three hour boat ride to admire the landscapes.

Where to stay

La maison de Marovasa Be is reputed for its secluded location, as well as its timeless charm. La Maison Bougainville, nestling at the heart of the estate of the same name, also proposes accommodation in a superb villa with a swimming pool and private garden for groups or large families.

Where to eat

The menus proposed by la Maison Marovasa Be are characterised by seafood, freshly caught by the local fishermen, and accompanied by products from the vegetable garden of the inn. The chef serves grilled fish and meat prepared with a sliver of olive-oil, but also more sophisticated recipes prepared with a subtle blend of rare spices.

What to see

You can observe the colonies of fish-eagles as well as shoals of swordfish. Also, sea turtles come to lay their eggs on the beaches every year. Not to be missed. You may also spot whales swimming past, just a few hundred metres from the shore.