Mahajanga, the City of Flowers

Mahajanga, the city of flowers

Majunga (Mahajunga) is the second largest port of Madagascar. The city is very cosmopolitan. Majunga is the favourite destination of Malagasy people, eager to spend a few days at the seaside, in a climate that's always sunny with very little rain. The sea is often tinged with a red colour due to the alluvial deposits of the large Betsiboka River.

The baobab Bozy Be of Majunga is an attraction all by itself and represents the symbol of the city. Located at the seaside, several hundred years old, it has a circumference of 21 metres.

The seaside, deserted in the day, fills in the evening. Sidewalks are covered with benches and tables to improvise as small restaurants. On the menu are zebu skewers, fried bananas, pancakes and sambos, all in a festive atmosphere.

Mahajanga, the city of flowers

There are many beautiful beaches on this part of the island. The further you get from the city, the more beautiful and difficult to access. You can go to Petite Plage (in the village of Amborovy), to Grand Pavois, a very beautiful and long beach, and travel a little further to the Cirque Rouge to admire the particular colours of the sand, from pink to purple. It is also in this location where you find the manufacturers of sand bottles.

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Useful Information

When to go

Mahajanga has a savannah climate with dry winters. Rainfall is much higher in summer. The average annual temperature is 26.9 °C. It is ideal to visit between the months of April and October.

How to get there

It is accessed from the capital either by plane (1 hour flight) with Air Madagascar, or by road along the RN4 (a journey of 570km taking around 10 hours).

Where to stay

Choose from the following hotels: Hotel Zahamotel, Saara Hotel, Sunny Hotel, Roches Rouges, Coco Lodger or Relais & Châteaux Madagascar.

Where to eat

Eat at Papi Râleur or enjoy the casual atmosphere of Coco Lodge, Petite Cour and the Karon Restaurant.

What to see

The Red Circus is located 12km north of the road to Mahajanga Airport. Don't miss Grand Pavois Beach and Bozy Be, the great sacred baobab with a thousand branches. Also visit the sacred Mangatsa Lake located 18km northeast of Majunga.