The legends of the Lake - Ravelobe

Formally known as being the forestry station for Ampijoroa, the National Park of Ankarafantsika, (situated less than a two hour drive from Majunga), reserves wonderful surprises. With its diversity of fauna and flora, the site itself is stunning, but the biggest surprise for visitors is always the sacred lake of Ravelobe.
The lake, stretching out over more than 25 hectares, is named after a bandit who used to terrorise the surrounding region, robbing any traveller who dared venture out onto the roads here. Legend has it that Ravelobe and his family all killed themselves by plunging into the lake. For the inhabitants of the region, the crocodiles living in this stretch of water are descendants of the bandit. In fact, these reptiles are considered as sacred.
Another legend tells the story of members of the Sakalava royal family who preferred to commit suicide by throwing themselves into the lake, rather than be captured by their enemies, the Merina. Still today, their spirits are said to haunt the site, protected by the sacred crocodiles.
A short stroll around the lake enables you to appreciate not only its beauty and serenity, but also the incredible biodiversity of the surroundings. You can also delight in the thousands of birds swooping and singing above your head.
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