Surf, Sand and Shrimps !

Seven kilometres from the town of Fort-Dauphin, Lake Andriambe, also known as "Lake Ambinanibe" which in Malagasy means "the great pass" since it communicates with the ocean, is an ideal place for those who love peace and quiet – and nature. The best wave spot in Fort-Dauphin, it is well known by surf lovers.
A beautiful natural site, an excursion to Lake Ambinanibe, is not to be missed. An immense reservoir for rainwater from the Anosian chain, it is surrounded by a virgin beach resplendent with white sand. To make the best use of the landscape and to feel all the charm which emerges from it, we would advise you strongly to visit the village of Ambaninabe by foot.
From the lake pass, known as vinany, and along the beach to the west coast of the Ehoala peninsula, there are large sand dunes where children from the village love to surf. It is a variant of this sport, on the sand, using coconut leaves. The young people of the village also surf the waves with body boards cut from rough wood. They use broken pirogue wood, "vitagno".
Thanks to the connection of the lake with the ocean, the region is famous for shrimps fished here; you will see traps that are fixed on stilts erected near the banks. On the beach you will sometimes see the fishermen repair their canoes. Do not hesitate to say hello and show an interest in what they do. They will give you a warm welcome.
This article was featured in Prime Magazine October 2018

Useful Information

When to go

If the great south of Madagascar is known for its extremely hot and dry climate, in Fort-Dauphin the climate is less rigorous, with an average annual temperature of 23°C. However, it is preferable to go between July and October.

How to get there

From Antananarivo, you have the choice between taking the road or taking the plane. If you feel that the journey by road is too long, then domestic flights operated by the national airline serve Fort-Dauphin. Once at your destination, choose to rent a car to get to Lake Ambinanibe.

Where to stay

Vinanibe Lodge is located on the northern shore of the lake. In the town of Fort- Dauphin you have the choice between the Hotel La Croix du Sud, Le Dauphin or La Marina. Facing the sea is the hotel Le Talinjoo. The Port Hotel is also ideal for an idyllic stay.

Where to eat

If you like seafood there's Richard's. For fans of French cuisine, go to Marceline's. And to discover Malagasy cuisine, Chez Vivie, Perline or Georges.

What to see

At the top of the dunes of Ambinanibe is an exceptional panorama over the ocean, the village nestled in the hollows of the coconut trees and the mountains to the north. If you can wait, the sunset here is beautiful.