Domaine de la Cascade, a Haven of Peace

The Domaine de la Cascade encompasses an area of 125 hectares and is bordered by the last low altitude primary forest of the great south. Located near the city of Fort-Dauphin this place has been trying for fifteen years to make its contribution to the development of the region, to protect and enhance the environmental heritage.
With its 17 km of paths, roads and forest circuits, with its two natural pools and the construction of abridge to connect several villages, the estate plays a role in the preservation of the environment. And it is important to note that it were the villagers themselves who participated in the realisation of the Estate.
Protection of primary forest and endemic plants, education of local populations by setting up alternatives to deforestation such as reforestation, management of a nursery, intervention on forest fires, reintroduction of protected species (parrots or lemurs ), are among the missions of the Domaine de la Cascade.
To perpetuate the actions undertaken, the Domaine de la Cascade must generate funds. Hence all supporters are welcome, the program of activities, (beautiful pedestrian circuits) are a plus for tourists or visitors. Its a great site for groups to camp or gather in bungalows – catering included.
This article was featured in Prime Magazine May 2018

Useful Information

When to go

The average temperature is around 24 ° C. The climate is pleasant all year round, with a rainier period around February / March.

How to get there

By air is recommended if you want to go to Fort-Dauphin from the capital. Calculate 1h45 non-stop flight and 2h30 or more with stopover. Otherwise, to cover the 1100km of slopes, you will need at least 3 to 4 days from Antananarivo (RN7 then RN13).

Where to stay

At the heart of the estate or in the city of Fort Dauphin. The hotel "Lavasoa" offers its customers a guide specialised in surfing and weather information related to aqua sports activities. Other recommendable establishments are the "Port hotel", "Talin" or "La Croix du Sud".

Where to eat

At "Georges", "Filao", "Dauphin" and "Mirana" are popular restaurants with great cuisine.

What to see

On 8 hectares of the estate have been developed for rice cultivation, operated by the poorest families of neighbouring villages. 17 hectares were cleaned to grow roses, vanilla and lychee, and recently, in partnership with the GIZ a "Resilience Honey" project of 50 bee-hives was set up.