Domaine de Bobangira, a Reserve Rich in Flora and Fauna

Domaine de Bobangira, a reserve rich in flora and fauna

For lovers of nature and gentle hikes, the Bobangira area and its 23 hectares, is magical. A natural site typical of the tropical rainforest of the north-east coast of Madagascar, it is located 100km north of Sambava and 45km south of Vohémar.

The charm of the place is due to the connection between the forest and the sea. The impressive forest located on the beach will surprise you. Beautiful trees, including some centenarians, shelter a rich biodiversity floristic and faunistic.

The variety of birds, small and large, that coexist here is impressive, a real gathering place. You can see: Lophotibiscristata, Accipiter Francesiae, Falco newtoni or the Charadrius marginatus (White-faced Plover).

Domaine de Bobangira, a reserve rich in flora and fauna

Watch for reptiles such as small chameleons known as Brookesia and, also, lizards, gecko and others such as Ebenaviainunguis, Amphiglossuspunctatus or Phelsumalineata.

Groups of lemurs coronatus (diurnal) and microcebus (nocturnal) can also be spotted.

This article was published in Prime Magazine April 2018

Useful Information

When to go

Located in the northeastern region of Madagascar, near the Diana region, rainfall is plentiful all year round and peaks in February and March. The best months to go there are from April to July and from September to December.

How to get there

Regular flights from Air Madagascar to Sambava. Then you can rent an all-terrain car to go to the Bobangira Estate, or take a bush taxi to the village of Analovana (paved road) then finish by mountain bike for the track (18kms for about 1 hour) or on foot , 2 hours of hiking. Include a small crossing by canoe along the track.

Where to stay

In Sambava, you can expect a warm and friendly stay at Mimi Hotel Resto, at the Las Palmas Hotel or at the Hotel Restaurant Carrefour. In Vohémar, you can stay at the Iharana Bay Hotel, or at the Galaxy Hotel, which can direct you to the Bobangira Estate. In Bobangira, the area has a campsite all along its beach. A shelter and a kitchen in a straw hut are available to visitors. Fixed tents (wooden structure) are under construction and will be available around July 2018.

Where to eat

In Sambava, Mimi Hotel Resto offers a wide variety of dishes and a tea room. Also the Hotel Carrefour and the Hotel Las Palmas have their own restaurants. In Vohemar, the Paradisia Restaurant and the Galaxy Hotel offer meals. For Domaine de Bobangira, buy food before arriving. A kitchen area and kitchen utensils are available.

What to see

Between beach and forest the Bobangira area combines discovery with relaxation. Ideal for honeymooners, senior citizens and a family holiday. It is also a paradise for birdwatchers. Depending on the season, green turtles lay their eggs on the beach, an unforgettable sight.