Betanty - Fake Cape

The village is rich in ancestral structures that arouse the visitor's curiosity and spark a passion for discovery. The Antandroy, one of the Malagasy ethnic groups, have erected tombs that shape an exceptional scenery of rare beauty, almost supernatural when you look at it from a distance.
The village of Betanty is home to fishermen who live simply within this natural and healthy environment. The villagers do their best to show tourists around their village out of pleasure. Short messages are sent to the invited guests to accompany the traditional carving work. The boats serve as decoration along the fine sandy beach, a paradisiacal landscape.
But for the experience to be complete, you have to set sail on traditional small boats. Because the most extraordinary spectacle takes place at sea. A powerful jet of "whales" can erupt in this region between June and July. Scuba diving to discovercolourful fish and corals is another possibility offered in this crystalline lagoon. Located at the southern end, 30km from Tsihombe, the village of Betanty was once called " fake cape ". The name has been forgotten but still remains appealing.
This article was featured in Prime Magazine December 2018

Useful Information

When to go

With its warm climate almost all year long, southern Madagascar is suitable during all seasons. But if you don't want to miss the whales, the chances are much higher between June and October.

How to get there

The 4WD car is the best option to reach " fake cape " or Betanty. Take the Great South route from Antananarivo to the far south of Madagascar. As for bush taxis, they are only available on Monday, the market day.

Where to stay

It is preferable to opt for a camp or bivouac. However, the hotel "Libertalia" offers stone bungalows on the Betanty Dune. Well equipped, these pavilions provide private sanitary facilities and electrical power.

Where to eat

The " menus of the day " of the Hotel " Libertalia " are fine. You can also taste fried prawns, squids and lobsters sold on the beach by the fishermen"s wives.

What to see

First and foremost, the observation of traditional Malagasy fishing is an activity not to be missed. Canoe trips also allow you to spot the treasures of the sea, including colourful fishes, corals and whales. Besides, there are the sumptuous tombs of the native Antandroy.