Breath of Fresh Air - The Bay of Baly

The west of Madagascar is extremely rich in species waiting to be discovered. Nothing simpler than a wonderful stay here, thanks to its exceptionally beautiful tourist assets. One of these, the National Park of the Bay of Baly, among Madagascar's many protected areas, is situated near the town of Soalala. The park is the sole remaining habitat of the Angonoka tortoise. Apart from this rare species, the park abounds with others, such as the freshwater turtle and the dugong (a marine mammal, whose presence is one of the specific characteristics of the National Park of the Bay of Baly), as well as the park’s 100 or so species of plants that you will not fail to admire during the visit. But there is more to come. The location of the Bay of Baly means that it opens out to the sea, with exceptional views from the beach which, in addition, produces the very clean fresh air of the region.
Lying at the heart of the districts of Ampohipaky and Soalala and several kilometres from Majunga, the bay is largely inhabited by a charming and welcoming community, the Sakalava. You will find them ready to tell you everything you wish to know about their activities: fishing, cattle-raising and agriculture. With its thousands of hectares, the National Park also allows camping. Just bring your camping gear and sleep out in the wild. A word of warning, however. Make sure you bring your mosquito lotion, so that you can really enjoy your stay here
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