Visit the island of Antsoheribory, an oasis of freshness

A little-known island in the North -West Madagascar deserves to be promoted  "Antsoheribory". The site is difficult to access but it is rich in history and biodiversity.
Antsoheribory is a small corner of paradise located about twenty minutes away by boat, off Majunga. This is an old Arab counter, a field of Manafy and Kabamba sultans in the 16th century. The small island which extends over 2km long and 70 m wide singles andits archaeological sites. You could see the remains of a mosque, the princely residence, as well as different types of ancient tombs. The ruins of the former home of Arab Sultans erected on the island are among the cultural attractions of the site.
This îslet in the northwest of Madagascar is an oasis of freshness, rich in fauna and flora. The local vegetation is indeed dominated by the presence of baobabs. There are also different species of birds. Given qu'Antsoheribory is an island, one of its strengths is in the sea. The water is equipped with an amazing coral reefs. In the northern part of the island, the seabed is particularly full of fish. During a dive, you could meet pooches, sardines, parrotfish, ray s, mullet, eels, flying fish ...
Antsoheribory is undoubtedly a difficult name to pronounce and to remember, but your site visit for its part promises to be unforgettable.
This article was featured in Prime Magazine September 2017

Useful Information

When to go

The island is difficult to access whatever the time of year. Nevertheless, it is possible to get there as well during the dry season than during the rainy season.

How to get there

To reach Majunga you can take a regular flight with the Air Madagascar company from Antananarivo. It is only during the dry season that he can rally the island 4x4 after connecting in Mahajanga and Katsepy with a ferryboat. Throughout the year, ferryboat provide direct connection of the island with Mahajanga.

Where to stay

The island has no infrastructure of accomodation. In Mahajanga, you have a wide choice both in downtown and in the surroundings to name some such as: Sunny Hotel, Karibo Lodge, Roches Rouges or visit Antsanitia Resort.

Where to eat

Seafood, grilled ... so many dishes you will enjoy the restaurants of these hotels, once back your getaway on the island Antsoheribory. Coco Lodge, Chez Papi Râleur, Maki Beach, La Petite Cour ... are all suggestions.

What to see

Besides the various remains that the island contains, you can see there different species of birds and rare fish. Its waters are also good for underwater dives.