Discover the village of Anjiabe

Anjiabe, is a unique village that deserves a special detour during your trip in the North of Madagascar. Located 20 minutes by boat from the island of Nosy Be and south of Nosy Komba, this village offers a timeless setting with authentic landscapes, rich in local agriculture.
Coffee and vanilla perfume your visit and give you an incredible pleasure in the village of Anjiabe. Let yourself be seduced by the simplicity and warmth of the villagers. Beautiful encounters and smiles await you at every crossroads between traditional houses. Culinary arts, crafts, music and traditional dances are part of the daily lives of these people who will delight to share them with you.
A must-see during your visit to the Anjiabe village: the Bozontsohy baobab overlooking the village with its 16 metres high. Aged more than 170 years, it is ranked among the most endangered baobabs in the country. And to top it all, you can enjoy the fine sands of the beaches with its dominant rocks to make you comfortable whilst you enjoy the sun and the view overlooking the blue ocean. Calm will accompany you in your tan.
This article was featured in Prime Magazine January 2018

Useful Information

When to go

The village of Anjiabe has inherited the warm climate of the island of Nosy Be, the sun is present all year round. The trip can be scheduled at any time, even on a whim, when the need to escape is apparent.

How to get there

To access the village, one must go via the island of Nosy Be which is served by Air Madagascar. Nestled in the heart of the ocean, only a boat can reach Anjiabe village from the island of Nosy Be. Once a day, the canoes leave Anjiabe for Nosy Be between 6am and 7.30am, and arrive at 8am at the canoe port. They leave Nosy Be around 11 am to reach the village before noon.

Where to stay

Komba Forever has 3 bungalows located on the beautiful Anjiabe Beach. The proximity allows you to better discover the village day and night. Another choice for your stay in Anjiabe: the Coco Komba Lodge. You will have the privilege of rubbing shoulders with lemurs in the garden, this typical Madagascar animal.

Where to eat

Anjiabe hotels offer their guests varied meals with fresh products. Seafood is the speciality of the region thanks to the dominance of fishing in the daily lives of villagers. Your taste buds will be amazed by typical Malagasy preparations.

What to see

You can not be in Anjiabe village without making a detour to the beautiful Nosy Komba to discover its riches. It has an incredible pharmacopoeia of 70 medicinal plants, 19 species of birds, snakes and chameleons. Other islands are to be seen also, including Nosy Tanikely which is an open-air aquarium and Nosy Iranja, the paradise of turtles.