Come to the Andranomena Special Reserve

Apart from the well-known Baobab Alley, the Menabe region contains other exceptional landmarks, such as the Andranomena Special Reserve. Escape for a hike by discovering its lakes and endemic animals.
The Andranomena Special Reserve is located 45 km north of the town of Morondava on the national road number 8, after the Alley of the Baobabs, emblem of the Menabe region. Established in 1958 and managed by Madagascar National Park with the partnership of KFW and WWF, this site is ideal for a tourist visit following recent developments and renovations.
The Special Reserve is a dense deciduous forest typical of western Madagascar; it is crossed by a network of three lakes: Lake Andranovorinapela, Lake Andranovorikinga and Lake Andranovory baban'i Kasampa with an endemicity rate of more than 80% for its fauna and flora. According to local custom, the three lakes are sacred. The traditional Sakalava theatre, the villagers also gather around the lake to carry out the rite of fertility that is associated with the male baobab of the Reserve.

The Andranomena Reserve also shelters rare species in the process of dissemination, specific animals of the big island like turtle, mongoose and the jumping rat. For those who love hiking and to discover the beauty of nature, three circuits are available: the Tsinjolavitra circuit , a 6 km long circuit, in the 2 hours of walking you will enjoy the different forms of Baobab (twins or bottles) diurnal lemurs (Sifaka) and many birds. To visit the city, walking shoes are advisable, light clothes, without forgetting bottles of water and don’t forget your camera to capture the moment.

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Useful Information

When to go

In Andranomena, the climate is hot and dry. The rainy season is from November to March so it is essential to come from April to October during the dry season with an average temperature of 25 ° C.

How to get there

Air Madagascar serves Morondava from the capital, then a transfer by car or taxi to the reserve. For adventurers, go by car from Antananarivo via the RN7 to Antsirabe, then the RN34 to Morondava. Then drive 30 km north of Morondava.

Where to stay

Not far from the capital of Menabe, the best is to go back to Morondava and stay at the Palissandre Hotel West Coast which is also near the airport. With a private beach you can also practice diving and windsurfing.

Where to eat

For eating, the Trecigogne Morondava restaurant offers international cuisine based on fish, shellfish, salads, pasta but also a typical Malagasy cuisine.

What to see

If you spend the day in Andranomafana do not forget to pass by Kirinde Mitea Park, next to the special reserve; you will find lodges of bats and water birds.