A trip scented with vanilla - Amboangimbe

A trip through Madagascar's vanilla trail is an exceptional adventure. The point of departure is Amboangimbe, an extremely well-known village in the north of the island. This region has Madagascar’s largest area of land devoted to this high-quality export crop, well known throughout the world. Hundreds of hectares of vanilla plantations are the heart of vanilla production in the SAVA (Sambava, Antalaha, Vohémar, Ambilobe) region. Tourists who visit this sweet-scented town can see vanilla pods being conditioned. Your visit of the vanilla Eldorado will continue towards the river port of Amboangibe, through which runs the river Bemarivo. It is situated in the middle of the bush, 58 kms from Sambava.
All the goods in the region are transported along the river in old-fashioned boats, which can be seen in the film ‘La rivière de bonne espérance’. For a different type of attraction, you can jump down the waterfall of Ampambokinana, a village close to Amboangibe. The river Bemarivo flows through the village here, after following a natural course.
This article was featured in Prime Magazine February 2019

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